Use this beautiful template (http://ow.l

31 Jan

Use this beautiful template ( to create a prezi for Valentin’s Day in less than 5 minutes. Just fill in 3 reasons why you love your Valentine, add your name, and share the prezi with your special someone.

Don’t remember how to share? No problem – here’s how:
Click the thumbnail for your Valentines Prezi, and choose Present.
Clikc the Share button.
In the dialog that opens, click Copy Link. Paste this link into an email to your Valentine.
If you have a paid account, you’ll also have the option of creating and sending a Portable Prezi. This by itself is a good reason to choose a paid for Prezi subscription!

Imprezzing Blog Has Moved

20 Oct

You can now find our Prezi news, Prezi how-to’s and Prezi tips here: Imprezzing

See you there!